Canada Immigration

Nova Scotia Immigration

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is an immigration pathway that targets prospective applicants to immigrate to Nova Scotia. The applicants targeted are the ones who are having the proper skills and experience that can be used to tackle the demographic changes and boost the country’s economy. 

There are eight steam in the Nova Scotia PNP program and the applicants meeting the criteria for one of these eight streams can be selected to be nominated to Nova Scotia Immigration. The targeted processing time for Nova Scotia is three months.

The eight immigration streams are:

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities For Physicians

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities: Express Entry

Skilled Worker


Occupations In Demand


International Graduate Entrepreneur

There is a ‘Study and Stay’ program that is specially designed to help international students from India, China, and the Philippines to build their careers and stay in Nova Scotia after their graduation. Nova Scotia previously operated a Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream, but it was closed on a permanent basis on January 4, 2021.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Skilled professionals with experience in Nova Scotia are eligible to apply under the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry Stream. One of the core requirements for this stream is that the applicant must have at least one year of experience in occupations that are classified under National Occupational Classification (NOC) O, A, or B positions.

Eligibility Criteria for Nova Scotia Experience

Age-21 to 55 years.

Education- Canadian high school or equivalent.

Experience- One year at least in Nova Scotia.

Language Proficiency (English or French)-  CLB 7 for Skilled Worker in NOC 0, and A.

CLB 5 for NOC B.

Profile in the federal Express Entry program.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities: Express Entry

This stream is designed specifically to target specific occupations for immigration to Nova Scotia.

This stream primarily targets occupations for Letter of Interest along with Early Childhood Educators as the first focus job.

Requirements for this stream:

Applicant must receive a Letter of Interest from the NSNP with the Express Entry program.

Should meet the minimum working experience requirement for the Express Entry stream that the applicant has qualified for.

Show proof of funds that the applicant can successfully establish themselves and their family in Nova Scotia. The applicant must also be able to pay their immigration cost and traveling expenses.

Must have legal status in the country of current residence.

Should meet the eligibility criteria in place at the time of issuance of Letter of Interest.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities For Physicians

This stream is used to target professionals who are working as qualified doctors from the Federal Express Entry pool to move and settle in Nova Scotia.

The National Occupational Classifications (NOC) codes that are targeted by this stream are given below:

NOC 3111: Specialist Physicians

NOC 3112: Family Physicians

Requirement and Eligibility criteria

The applicant must commit to working in Nova Scotia for a period of a minimum of two years. 

Should receive a Letter of Interest from NSNP through the Express Entry program. 

Must have an approved job offer letter from the Nova Scotia Health Authority or from IWK Health Centre as a Family Physician (NOC 3112) or a Specialist Physician (NOC 3111).

The applicant must submit the application within the span of 30 days after the issuance of a Letter of Interest.

The applicant should meet the minimum working experience criteria for the Express Entry linked program.

Show proof of funds for yourself and the family.

Must have legal status in the country of current residence.

Skilled Workers

This stream is an employer-driven Skilled Worker stream that is designed to primarily aimed at targeting international students and foreign skilled workers. Employers in Nova Scotia who are not able to fill their position with a Canadian citizen or by permanent residents can have access to this stream by receiving a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Applicant Requirements:

Job Offer (full-time) from an employer in Nova Scotia. 

Age between 21 to 55.

At least one year of related job experience (low-skilled and semi-skilled workers may have 6 months of experience with a job offer letter).

High school diploma (minimum).

Must have appropriate training and skills.

Language proficiency in English or French with CLB 5 for skilled professionals and CLB 4 for low and semi-skilled workers.

Proof of funds.


5. Occupations In Demand

This stream targets intermediate-skilled professionals that are in huge demand in Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Occupation In-Demand Pilot initially targeted transport truck drivers (NOC 7511) and nurse aides, patient service associates, and orderlies (NOC 3413). These occupations are subject to change as per the labour market demand. The jobs that are targeted fall under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) C.

Occupation In-Demand Requirements

At least one year in the related occupation in demand.

Age between 21 to 55.

Education is at least equivalent to a high school diploma.

Full-time job offer letter from an employer in Nova Scotia in occupations with NOC 3413 or with NOC 7511.

Competent job training and skills as per the required job requirement.

Language proficiency skills with CLB 4 with either English or French as their first language. 

Show proof of funds.

6. Physician

This stream is designed to hire general practitioners, specialist physicians, and family physicians into the province’s public health system. The sole purpose of this stream is to retain, train, and recruit doctors in positions that are unable to be filled by permanent residents or Canadian citizens. 

Requirements and eligibility criteria:

The legal status from the current country of residence: 

If the applicant is living in Canada, the applicant must provide proof of the legal status either as a visitor or temporary worker.

If the applicant is residing outside Canada, then they must provide proof of their legal status in the country of the current residency.

If by any chance the status is lost, then the applicant is not eligible to apply under this category until the status is restored.

Job Offer Letter:

The applicant must have a written job offer letter from either Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre or from Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) as a:

Specialist Physician (NOC 3111)

General or family physician (NOC 3112)

The approved job offer letter must be an official IWK or NSHA letterhead and must have: 

Must be signed by the applicant who is accepting the job offer.

Must be signed and dated by an authorized person to hire professional physicians at NHSA or IWK.

Must indicate that the applicant is eligible to apply for privileges and credentials with the IWK or NSHA.

Must indicate that the applicant is eligible for a license from the College of Physicians or Surgeons of NS.

Training and Education:

The applicant must have proof of education or Education Credential Assessment (ECA) and medical training documents that are required for a license in Nova Scotia.

Language Proficiency:

The applicants must be able to perform the outlined job in one of the Canadian official languages as per the employment agreement from the IWK or the NSHA.

7. Entrepreneur

The applicants targeted by this stream are the ones who are either having business ownership or have senior management experience. They should be living in Nova Scotia, and must be willing to either start a new business or buy an existing business in Nova Scotia. They should also actively participate in the day-to-day management of the business as well.

Under this stream, the applicant is first issued a temporary work permit before they apply for a permanent residency after operating a business for over a year. An Expression of Interest format is used in this stream where applicants in the pool is invited to apply.

Steps in Entrepreneur Stream:

Expression of Interest (EOI).

Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Business Performance Agreement and In-Person Interview.

Work Permit.

Business Establishment in Nova Scotia.

Nomination Request.

Applying for Permanent Residency.

Candidate Requirement and Selection Criteria:

Age should be 21 years or older.

Must have a will to live in Nova Scotia.

Should be willing to own and actively manage a business in Nova Scotia.

Show minimum net worth of $600,000.

Should make a minimum investment of $150,000 in order to establish or purchase a business in Nova Scotia.

Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in actively managing and owning a business with a 33% ownership minimum or must have 5 years of experience in a senior business management position.

Language proficiency of CLB 5 in speaking, reading, listening and writing in either English or French.

8. International Graduate Entrepreneur

This stream is similar to the Entrepreneur stream with one minor difference aiming at recent graduates from Nova Scotia Community College or from Nova Scotia University. The applicant is required to have purchased or started a business in Nova Scotia and should have operated it for a year on a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

This stream works on the Expression of Interest format same as the Entrepreneur stream. Applicants are then nominated for permanent residency if they intend to settle in Nova Scotia.

Steps in International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream:

Expression of Interest (EOI).

Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Nomination and In-Person Interview.

Applying for Permanent Residency. 

Candidate Requirement and Selection Criteria:

The applicant must be willing to live permanently in Nova Scotia and actively own and manage a business in Nova Scotia.

Must have a minimum of one year of experience while actively managing and owning 100% of Nova Scotia business.

Should have completed a diploma or a degree with minimum 2 full academic years with in-person study in a Nova Scotia university or community college.

Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Language proficiency with CLB 7 in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in either English or French.