Work Permit Belgium

Belgium, a small country in Western Europe, is densely populated. It has the lowest population density of the member states of the European Union.

The capital is Brussels. Belgium has a highly developed and stable economy, with a large service sector, particularly banking, chemicals manufacturing, and electronic industries. The country also has an extensive industrial base in iron and steel, textiles and wood products.

Belgium is located in Western Europe, and its service and high-tech industries offer job opportunities for people with training in these fields.

A work permit is a document issued by an employer to a foreign employee that allows him/her to perform certain activities in Belgium. Belgium has a number of different types of work permits available for expatriates. These include:

  1. Work permit A: A work permit is issued by the government to allow foreign workers to work in any job for any employer for an unlimited period. This permit is not easy to get, as it is only available to a certain category of foreign workers who have already worked in Belgium for several years with a Work Permit B.
  2. Work permit B: With this work permit, you can work in any job for any employer for 12 months. This permit has to be renewed every year and can be issued only by the Ministry of Social Affairs or the Foreigners’ Service.
    If your situation changes (you get married or divorced), you have to apply for a new one.
  3. Work Permit C: This is a temporary work permit that allows you to work in one job for 6 months at a time if you are not eligible for a permanent residence permit or do not qualify for the family reunification program.
  4. European Blue Card: The European Blue Card is a work permit that allows highly skilled people from outside the EU to work in Belgium for a period of three months. If you wish to stay longer, then you need to apply for an extension of your permit after every three months. The European Blue Card is only available to non-EU nationals and has the same conditions as the Belgian resident permit (BELPER), except that it does not allow free movement within the European Union.
  5. Professional Card: A professional card is necessary if you wish to stay in Belgium as a self-employed professional, such as a doctor or architect. If you have a work permit, then you can get a professional card. This allows a person from outside Belgium to be involved in the specific activity as a self-employed person in the country for a duration of 1 to 5 years.


The Belgian government offers work permits to foreign nationals who wish to work in Belgium. However, before you can apply for a permit, you will need the following documents:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Employment offer from Belgium
  3. Medical certificate 
  4. Proof of accommodation for stay in Belgium.
  5. Proof of funds to prove your financial ability in Belgium.
  6. Police clearance certificate proving that you are free of any criminal conviction.


In Belgium, getting a work permit for foreign workers is subject to strict rules. There is a single application process for all kinds of work permits.

The main requirements are:

  • You must be able to speak the language of the host country.
  • You must have health insurance coverage valid in Belgium (this may be possible through your employer).
  • Your employer must prove that they can hire other workers to do your job if you are not available.


According to the Belgian Immigration Service (BIS), the work permit application process takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks. However, this is not an exact number. It depends on your employer’s company and how soon you get a job offer.

The application process starts with your employer submitting a form to BIS. Your employer must fill out the application form and submit it directly to BIS. The BIS will then review your application and issue you an interview notice, which is similar to an invitation letter in India.

Typically, it takes 8-10 weeks for your work permit application to be approved by BIS. Once approved, you can start working in Belgium within 30 days of receiving confirmation of your work permit from BIS.