Work Permit Finland

Finland is a country that attracts ex-pats, of all backgrounds and professions. Its bilingualism, low cost of living, cultural and historical heritage, clean environment, and high standard of living are just some of the reasons why people are choosing to move to this country.

The capital city of Helsinki, which is also the largest city in Finland, has been designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2005. It offers a diverse range of professional opportunities for ex-pats and it’s easy to access most of Finland’s natural beauty from this city.

In the next few years, Finland will need more than 10,000 new software engineers, as well as 30,000 people in the maritime and automobile manufacturing industries. To continue on its path of economic growth, the country is considering employing foreign workers to fill these positions.


A Finland work visa is an entry permit that allows you to work in Finland. The type of permission they’ll need is determined by the work they’ll be undertaking for their employer. The three types of Finland work visas are as follows:

Business visa: The Business Visa is applicable to the employees who are coming on board to work in Finland and have an employment contract. This visa can be used for up to 90 days and it allows the employee to travel back home upon the completion of his/her work.

The employee does not need to work directly with clients or customers. The person can attend seminars, conferences, meetings, and meetings during this period.

The person will also be allowed to stay back in Finland for a maximum period of 90 days if he/she wants any further sponsorship for another visa.

Residence permit for self-employment:

Residence permit for self-employment: A “residence permit for self-employment” is a business permit that allows an individual, including private businessmen, associates, and cooperative leaders to work within his or her own company. Before it can be granted, the permit must be registered with the Trade Register at the National Patent and Registration Board.

The purpose of this permit is to provide residence rights for those who are members of the Finnish Self-Employed Association and want to live in Finland. A person who has received a residence permit for self-employment may only work in his/her own business. If a person is already working as an employee at another company or institution he/she may not apply for this type of residence permit.

Residence Permit for Self-Employment is granted on a yearly basis up to three years (if necessary). After that period expires, the applicant will have the right to continue living in Finland with temporary residence permits until they obtain permanent residency or leave the country.

Residence permit for an employed person:

Residence permit for an employed person:  A residence permit for an employed person is the most commonly issued type of work visa. There are three categories in this visa types:

Continuous (A), Temporary (B), and Permanent (P). E  Employees who are seeking residency for the first time in Finland will apply for a Temporary Permit, which is valid for one year.

The duration of this permit is one year, but it can be extended for another year or renewed indefinitely. The employee must be able to support themselves financially during their stay, which means that they must have sufficient funds on hand to cover their living expenses while they are here.

The employer must also sponsor the employee’s immigration application once they have obtained a residence permit.

Temporary Residency Permit:

A temporary residence permit (TRP) is generally issued as a fixed-term or continuous residence permit. The first permit is usually given for a one-year time duration unless the candidate applies explicitly for a shorter validity period. If your ongoing permit expires, you may extend it for a maximum of two additional years.

The application must be submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) before the employment starts. The application must include evidence of salary, tax and insurance payments, and other supporting documents such as contracts or letters from previous employers.


The documents required for a Finland work permit include:

An employment contract for each employee is signed by both parties. This contract must be in Finnish or Swedish. It should be written in the employer’s name, not the employee’s.

A valid passport and passport photo for each employee. If your company will be paying for your travels, you can use a color copy of your passport instead of a black-and-white copy. Your employer will need to provide you with these documents.

A residence permit for each employee that confirms their employment in Finland. This document must be in Finnish or Swedish and indicate that you are employed as an employee at the company that issued your work permit. If your employer will not be paying for your travels, they should provide you with this document as well as your travel expenses and accommodation costs while in Finland.

Medical certificates from a doctor who has treated you within six months before applying for a work visa.


If you are offered a job in Finland, but your employer does not offer you a work permit, you can apply for a residence permit. The procedure for acquiring a Finnish residency permit begins when an employee is offered a job with a Finnish firm.

The employee must apply for a residence permit prior to arrival in Finland. To do this, he or she must use the Enter Finland website. The employee must visit a Finnish diplomatic mission within three months after filing the application. Original copies of the documents and supporting documentation must be presented.

The Employment and Economic Development Office will determine whether you meet the criteria for the program. After establishing that you meet all requirements, Migri will make the final decision on whether or not to issue you with a residence permit card. The employee and their employer will both receive written notice of this decision at their earliest convenience.

After this, your new employer will issue you with an ID card that confirms your employment status in Finland. A first-time residence permit card is valid for one year (three months) and can be renewed later if needed by applying again through Migri’s website.