Work Permit Hong Kong


Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, is known for its unique customs and traditions. It is also one of the top financial centers and has the highest per capita income in the world. Therefore, immigrating to Hong Kong makes wide sense and yearly it witnesses more than hundreds of immigration applications.   However, as you understand that pursuing a dream of immigrating and fulfilling that dream are two different activities. To connect both or make your dream come true, you need to have the assistance of a good immigration consultant.

In addition, you should be familiar with the information needed for Hong Kong Immigration.

 Why choose Hong Kong as an immigration destination?

China has no doubt emerged as a superpower and no one is denying that. The advancement it has shown has made it an unrivaled destination for better employment and good living opportunities. People find better employment opportunities & live a highly comfortable life. Therefore, whether you are planning to set up your business there or have an opportunity waiting for you to join then immigration should be your first choice. But before visiting a new place, you must have information about all dos and don’ts.



There are different types of visas available for Hong Kong Immigration. These are explained here below.

  1. Visit Visa: This visa allows you to stay in the country for holidays and family visits.
  2. Student Visa: A student visa is a document issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department allowing those who have already been admitted to study in Hong Kong.
  3. Work Visa: A work visa is the best option for the expat who has already been hired by a company in Hong Kong.
  4. Investment Visa: The Investment Visa: Designed specifically for self-employed people looking to settle in Hong Kong with their business, this visa will make it easier for them to do so.
  5. Dependent Visa:  A dependent visa is the most common visa for family members of working professionals or for those who marry someone living in Hong Kong.
  6. Training Visa: For those applying for certain training in Hong Kong, a training visa is a wise choice.
  7. Domestic Help Visa: A domestic helper visa governs the stay of people immigrating to work as domestic helpers; these people are required to reside at their employers’ residences.
  8. Permanent Residency: Permanent residency is granted to those who have lived in Hong Kong for at least seven years.


Let’s discuss the details of the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) visa in greater detail:

A key purpose of this visa is to attract highly skilled professionals from overseas to Hong Kong in order to promote the country’s economy. Hong Kong Government tends to invite those immigrants who want to reside in their country seeking employment or a startup business. The candidate under this visa has the right of bringing their spouse & dependent children provided that the candidates are financially stable to support them.


Eligibility Criteria for QMAS Visa

Hong Kong Immigration Department 2006 implemented a quota-based entrant scheme for this visa. Pursuing a career in Hong Kong can be a rewarding experience for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs. In order to be eligible for a QMAS visa, the candidate must complete all the prerequisite requirements for passing the point-based system & getting the quota allocated.

The criteria for which the applicants are given points under this  QMAS visa are listed below:

Age: The minimum age requirement is 18 years at the time of filing the application.

Proof of Funds: Applicants must have sufficient proof of funds that can suffice them financially in terms of accommodation and for supporting the dependents of the applicant as well.

Character Certificate: The candidate must have a clear character certificate (meaning no foul play). They must not have any criminal record or any other negative record with the Hong Kong Immigration Department.   Applicants for this visa must have a police clearance certificate from a place where they have stayed for more than 12 months in the last 10 years.

Language Proficiency: Applicants must have a score of 6 bands each in IELTS in order to apply under QMAS Visa.   They should be proficient in both written and spoken Chinese or English.

Educational Qualifications: The applicant must have a first-class undergraduate degree from a recognized university. If the candidate does not possess a degree then in that case, their technical education, working experience, & special achievements are also taken into consideration. Higher-level postgraduate applicants have a higher priority than other applicants.


Point-Based Selection Scheme:

To score the minimum number of points in this scheme, applicants must meet all eligibility criteria. These minimum requirements are subject to change without any prior notice.


General Point System:

In this point system, the scores are given based on the following factors:

Age: Different age groups are awarded different points. The younger the generation the better their chances of getting a good score. Applicants in their 30s are given preference because this age is the most crucial time in one’s career. For this age group, applicants have always had the highest points and were given more consideration.


Educational Qualifications: The same requirements apply in both the age and educational sections. The higher the education the higher their chances of getting a good score. First-class degrees and Honour holders are particularly in a favorable situation. A person having a master’s degree or a Ph.D. will definitely have a better chance over others.

Working Experience: The more the working experience more the applicant’s chance to make a better decision. Thus, the longer you work, the more chances you have of earning a good score.

Language Proficiency: The minimum score required for this visa is 6 bands in each IELTS exam. The primary applicant should at least score this minimum cutoff score.

The family and children factor also plays a role in this point-based system.

For this visa, candidates must score at least 80 points out of 225. Once you get this score, you will be eligible to apply for a QMAS visa.


Achievement-based point scheme:

The Hong Kong government has implemented a system of skilled worker visas that aims to attract immigrants with unique skills. This points-based scoring system works  on the basis of the following criterias:

A high achievement award like an Olympic Medal or Nobel Prize.


Being acknowledged for contributing to a particular field. For example: Getting a lifetime achievement award in a particular field will get you the required score.

Steps involved in QMAS Visa:

The further procedure goes as follows:

Applicant Selection: Applicant selection is based on a quota system. At the time of processing, the applicant must score the minimum cutoff marks as well as satisfy all the prerequisite requirements of visa filing. This criteria applies to both the General and the Achievement Based point system.

After you have met all the necessary requirements, you will be ranked among other applicants based on your score. The concerned department will select your application for further review if you are among the top candidates.

After that, the decision will be made jointly by the two parties.   The Office of the Chief Executive has two main bodies that establish policies and procedures for immigration. One is the Director of Immigration, and the other is an Advisory Committee (it consists of official and non-official members elected by the Chief Executive). The socio-economic needs of Hong Kong and some other factors play a vital role in decision-making. The Director would then receive a recommendation from the Advisory Committee for the allocation of quota for the different selection processes.

The Hong Kong immigration website will publish the results of the evaluation procedure after the quota allotment process has been completed.   A high-scoring applicant does not necessarily have to be included in the quota allotment.

Approval-in-Principle: Once you have been allocated a quota, you will receive an approval letter. This letter is called the Approval-in-Principle letter.   This letter states that you are required to appear for an interview at the Immigration Department in Hong Kong. Before arriving, please ensure all your original documents are readily available for inspection.

Note: Approval-in-Principle does not guarantee that your visa will be issued and that you will be granted permanent residency in the country. Everything depends on your interview and the decision of the authorities.

Entry Visa or Entry Permit: After the whole tedious process of document verification, the Hong Kong Immigration Department gives you an entry visa or entry permit that will allow you to reside in Hong Kong.



  • Should be a skilled worker.
  • Do not have any criminal record.
  • Graduate from a college in Hong Kong.
  • You are a family member of a citizen who is currently staying in Hong Kong.
  • Should have an employment letter from a company in  Hong Kong.



  • Complete application with valid details
  • Registration certificate copy
  • Invitation letter from the appointing company
  • Financial statements copy
  • Copies of passport’s first and last pages