Domestic Recruitment

Domestic Recruitment

Pi Overseas have a team of highly skilled professionals that are actively involved in the job consultancy process. We move with an aim and conviction of providing our clients with the best career opportunities as much as possible. We provide and try to offer opportunities for aspiring candidates so that they can prove their mantle in these indigenous companies. The whole Domestic Recruitment or the Job Recruitment Process is bifurcated into these categories. They are:

  1. Executive Search
  2. Permanent Staffing
  3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Executive Search:

This is a process that mainly involves hiring aspiring applicants for senior-level positions in various organizations. As we all know that every company has its own set of rules, management practices, recruitment practices, and compensation norms. So in order to provide our applicant with specific and value-added solutions to meet his or her goal, we have started and prioritized the Executive Search process division in the whole and sole focus of helping companies fill their

Senior and middle-level positions with our aspiring candidates at different verticals.

Permanent Staffing:

Permanent staffing is a division with the aim of recruiting people on a permanent basis on the company payroll. The whole working scope for permanent staffing includes the following procedure:

  • Screening and Sourcing of Applicants.
  • Coordinating for Interviews
  • Arranging interviews for Applicants
  • Arranging for a job offer letter.

Each of thee permanent staffing assignment is led by designated experts that see the whole process from inception till the end. These are experts who have very vast and extensive experience in the recruitment process and know every knicks and knacks of the whole process involved.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO):

Recruitment Outsourcing Process (RPO) is a service that is provided when a company outsources its internal recruitment process for some portion or all of its jobs. In RPO, we manage the entire recruitment process including profiling of jobs of the new hirings, staff, technology, and reporting as well.

When a process is outsourced, the whole transition, delivery, and transformation are either carried onsite or offsite or even both. Few of the services offered under RPO are:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Perpetual process development
  • Branding of the employer,
  • Centralized functionality
  • Flexibility, etc.

Other than these benefits some of the added benefits are helping line managers and Hr managers to devise a concrete business strategy for the development point of view. These strategies are devised in such a manner that they help build up the entire business module of a company for a more prospective future.

The Domestic Recruitment Process of our company is shown below:

  • Recruitment Requisition By Client
  • Discussion & Understanding of Requirement
  • Sourcing CV
  • Screening CV
  • Share CV With Client
  • Scheduling For Interview
  • Taking Feedback From Clients
  • Offers and Reference Check
  • Follow Up with Client till joining

Why should you choose Pi Overseas?

Here at Pi Overseas, we have highly-skilled professionals that are fully devoted to a particular applicant. We first understand the requirement of the applicant and try to move forward with the application to achieve much more applicant oriented results. The services we offer include a mix of idealogy, attributes, and delivery orientation. Once we acquire and apprehend the client’s needs, we then collaborate them with our varied experience and mindful approach to deliver the best result possible. Our connection with various companies offers us a cutting edge in the market. Our good relation with HR consulting options gives us varied options to explore as per our applicant’s needs.

Experts in our organization first understand the organization’s point of view and then we understand the applicants’ point of view for the change in their professional lives. When we have deliberately consummated both points of view, combined our experience with these points, and arrive at the best result possible for the applicant and the outsourcing jobs prospect.

Why there is a boom for Indians?

As a matter of fact, Indians are considered to be the most hardworking and efficient working professionals. The best of Indians is that they combined their knowledge and skills with the most optimum diligence. This is the main reason that Indians are seen in every corner of the world engaged in various productive activities.

India is a country with varied cultural diversity. Due to this diversification, Indians offer a wide spectrum of skills that prove to be very in this competitive world.

Tips to be successful in an interview:


1. Impression:

The first impression is considered as the last impression. Greet the interviewer with a firm attitude to let him know about yourself. Make eye contact. Be precise and accurate about your communication with the interviewer.

2. Preparation:

Always be prepared for redundancy from the interviewer. Do your due diligence about the company also and make yourself presentable as well.

3. Don’t hesitate:

Listen to the question properly. Answer after taking thinking about it a little bit. Don’t just spurt out the answer without even thinking about it.

4. Be ready to list out your qualities:

Most employers have a list of requirements that they are looking for in an applicant. So you should be ready to showcase the characteristics attributes that you possess to the employer.

5. Positive Attitude:

A positive attitude inflicts a positive ambiance in the atmosphere. So positive and be happy.

6. Body Language:

The body language of a candidate makes a lot of impact on the interviewer. So control your body language to inflict a firm and positive atmosphere.

7. Expect the unexpected:

Always be ready for a difficult or unusual situation. The employer may start throwing you off the ground but you must be prepared for everything.

8. Strong Rapport:

Show your strength, make an impression, have a sense of humor to make things interesting for the interviewer itself. This will help you build a strong and long-lasting image of yourself in the mind of the interviewer and will create a better aspect of you..

9. Be clear about everything:

If you are uncertain about anything, we sure to let them know that you are a little bit not sure about that. This will create your image in front of the interviewer that you accept the area where you are weaker. But at the same time let them know that you are ready to learn and grasp anything with ease and comfort.

10. Showcase your manners:

After the interview, make sure that you ask for a business card after giving your regards to the interviewer about the opportunity. Also, follow up by sending a mail of appreciation telling them how grateful you were by meeting them and for the opportunity as well.

If you are willing to know more about the Domestic Recruitment Process, you can certainly Contact Us by writing us an email at and one of our experts will help you out in every possible way. You may also call us on +91-9310106988 or you can also receive a call back from our expert once you fill out the inquiry form. You can also talk to our experts directly through our live chat feature and clear your doubts instantaneously.